Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Seething Wells meets Rose Theatre

During this month we had the opportunity to spend the day in the Rose Theatre to play with ideas ahead of a community event  at Seething Wells in November. It was to bring together the tthree broad research groups on the history of the site  with a creative team of lighting designers, sound designers, puppeteers, directors etc.

 We are to bring the story of Seething Wells  to life through a Victorian style carnivalesque/circusesque (lovely words) processional interactive performance. The day at the Rose gave us a chance to come together and experiment with how we would like to take the event forwards.
The day was spent trying to weave the group's stories together to find a general narrative, each individual brought a  story, picture, colour, song or object that they have uncovered through research which appealed to them looking for  moments and stories that make this drama human, unique, touching, funny or fascinating.

 I decided my contribution (as a representative from the wildlife group, would be the Black Bat Song on which the jury is still out....

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